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MAP2STUDIO, an Architectural Design Studio, behind which are the architect and Studio founder, Martina Miličević Pojatina, and her associates.

“Since childhood, my interest in all forms of art eventually led me to graduate from the Faculty of Architecture, in Zagreb. After years of studying followed years spent searching and earning experience in the field, until I attained a clear vision of what is to be my exact professional goals.

My expertise creed: I believe in tradition, as a foundation, but at the same time, in the attempt to bring in innovation and creativity, as well as in moving towards the future! In so doing, functionality is never underestimated; for every idea, object or space cannot be seen as a mere form, but rather as a small world possessing a life of its own.

I believe that architecture, along with interior design, can affect and are able to change people’s lives.

In providing my designed solutions, not only do I try to reflect each customer’s personality and uniqueness, but I also try to guide them to ream new horizons and to accept challenges, because, at the end of the day, each of us is the creator of one’s own reality. Of course, not every day at the office ends with us feeling like we’re changing lives, but when this does happen, the effort is well worth it”.

MAP2STUDIO takes care of every stage of a project, starting from the concept, with the assistance of our expert advice, through the graphic designing with 3d visualizations, until its final realization.

MAP2STUDIO has been collaborating for many years with Galleria interijeri. A family company that provides furniture for both housing and business premises produced by renowned Italian manufacturers with a long lasting tradition.

Trgovačko društvo upisano u Sudski registar Trgovačkog suda u Zagrebu

Temeljni kapital 20 000,00 kn uplaćen u cijelosti

Jedini član uprave i član društva: Martina Miličević Pojatina

OIB: 51942281807

MBS: 4349792

IBAN: HR3323600001102468117

Zagrebačka banka


Palinovečka 49

HR-10 000 Zagreb

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