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Zagreb, Croatia


Zagreb, Croatia



residental interior




realization 2016.


The investor bought the apartment when it was already completed and the schedule was harmonious, but minor corrections were needed. It was mainly about the performance of some parts of the suspended ceiling and the power distribution to organize lighting and kitchen elements. The owner wanted the apartment to be a pleasant and warm haven that she would look forward to after a long and hard day’s work. Materials that dominate the interior are wood-massive oak, oak veneer, white color through a range of elements and many lighting fixtures. At the entrance to the apartment, there is a simplicity of solution and carefully selected details that complete the entire interior. Lattva hanger, design by Mikko Laakkonen, on the wall, recognizable Eames DSW dark-colored chairs from the Vitra collection, Foscarini's floor lamp Twiggy in black. The larger room with its 15 m2 was supposed to satisfy two functions, sleep and one for storing things, and a walk-in closet was performed inside the room.


Finished furniture, bed Hello from Italian manufacturer Bolzano Letti, seating set by Italian manufacturer F.lli Ferro, all from the range of our family company Galleria interijeri who also made custom furniture, a kitchen, composition for tv and nightstand and radiator lining.


PHOTOS: Saša Ćetković

The modern residential interior design of B2.

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