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Zagreb, Hrvatska


Zagreb, Hrvatska



residental interior




realization 2019.


The investor is a young business woman to whom this apartment is the first independent home. The apartment has 70m2 of enclosed space and a spacious terrace that was not the subject of an interior design project. Although it was a new construction, the apartment required some minimal modifications to accommodate certain rooms to the owner’s requirements. The existing floor plan of the apartment was mostly suited by the owners, what needed to be adjusted was the living space of the apartment which includes the living room, dining room and kitchen, which are all part of the open space. The open-space of this apartment was not functionally arranged in the original floor plan and a proposal was given which the owner immediately accepted. Thus, the existing dining position was taken by the seating sets, and the existing place for composition for tv and seating became a dining space incorporated into the wall library. The biggest impact on the interior solution itself had custom-made furniture that was made to order and detail designs just for these spaces. All custom furniture was performed by our family company Galleria interijeri. The owner wanted a modern, bright and warm space. The goal was to arrange the space so that it lasts for many years, so it is not firmly defined by some style, simple. Very quickly we agreed on four basic elements, white color, gray color, oak natur with some element of metal in black.


PHOTOS: Saša Ćetković

The modern residential interior design of B3 apartment.

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