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Zagreb, Hrvatska


Zagreb, Hrvatska



office interior




realization 2021.


Reconstruction of Hitachi power grids office premises within the Almeria tower.

The program task was to design a new floor plan disposition of office spaces, a room for socializing of employees, a room for administration due to the reorganization of the new structure of the firm. Open-space offices with separate office rooms, public spaces where employee interaction takes place are combined, these isolated rooms so-called phone boot for quiet telephone conversations. Floor coverings had to remain retained and with minimal modifications to the ceiling get the best possible organization and lighting. Intima of separate office units was realized by glass partition walls visually separated by black-out curtains while light visual partitions in open-space were achieved with wooden verticals and custom-made metal shelves for storing office elements and green pots. Green elements also run through public corridors as vertical walls.


Project team:

  • Martina Miličević Pojatina,d.i.a. (MAP2STUDIO d.o.o.),

  • Bojana Šantić,d.i.a. (Team studio d.o.o.)

The modern design of  HITACHI POWER GRIDS OFFICE.

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