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Zaprešić, Hrvatska


Zaprešić, Hrvatska



residential interior




In progress


This duplex apartment in Zaprešić, located on the top of a residential building from the 80's.

The functional organization of the apartment had to adapt to all the requirements of the owner and it was necessary to accommodate all the technical equipment that the owner owns. The inevitable was a complete reconstruction of the apartment. Reconstruction included extensive construction work. Demolition of partition walls, removal of existing external and internal joinery, execution of new water installations, drainage and electroinstallation, modification of all floor and wall coverings.

Of the elements found in the apartment, we kept only a steel staircase leading to the second floor. It was restored by painting a steel fence in black, and the massive oak treads were sanded, thrown and lacquered. The investor’s desire was a completely white interior with golden details. Our suggestion was to add wood to the whiteness as a material that would bring a little warmth to such a purified look of the interior. Loadings made of bleached oak massif were used. The floor coverings of all rooms of the lower floor were made of microcement provided for wet rooms, microrock,which is extremely resistant to wear. It is in faded white and the walls of the bathroom are also made of it.

Finished furniture combined is white and gold, and all custom-made furniture is made according to our detailed design plans.

3D visualizations: Saša Poslončec

The modern residential interior design of K1 apartment.

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