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Zagreb, Croatia


Zagreb, Croatia



residental interior




realization 2016


The building, where the apartment is located, is from 1939. The first partial adaptation of the apartment was made in 1986,but the condition found required reconstruct.Investors are a young three-member family and the existing disposition of the floor plan did not meet their needs. It approached the complete reconstruction of the floor plan,how much the existing construction allowed. The starting point at the reconstruction was a sewer vertical whose position had to remain intact. New functions of the rooms were formed around the bathroom that matched the way of life and the needs of the new owners. Two large rooms of approx. 23 m2 were given new functions, one as a living room with dining area and the other as a children's room with the possibility of adjustment for the needs of two children. Wc was now part of the bathroom, and the small room was extended to a size of approx. 12 m2 with the possibility of going out to the balcony. Construction work, among other things, included the removal of all floor and wall coverings. With the removal of the old plaster, in the space of the new living room, a beautiful brick wall was discovered which we decided to leave unplastered. Only the smaller partition walls for the needs of the new disposition were removed while it was teaching the partition wall between the two largest rooms, for static, we did not tear down. For the same reason, openings in interior load-bearing walls have not been expanded. The owners were eager to get a bright, warm, modern apartment. The owners themselves chose the finished furniture while the custom-made kitchen was made, according to the designs, in the workshop of our family company Galleria interijeri. Although they wanted everything new in their new home, the spirit of antiquity still springs from paintings on the walls, a bare-bearing brick wall, and old front doors from the 1930s.


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The modern residential interior design of K2.

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