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Zagreb, Hrvatska


Zagreb, Hrvatska



office interior




realization 2019.


Our new office was supposed to connect two functions. It is an achitecture office and showroom. The arrangement is neutral and does not betray any particular style, but it can be said to contain elements of industrial style and modern Scandinavian. Rohbau space was bought completely bare and primarily concrete works were performed to create stairs to access the floor with the largest surface. The metal construction of wich  gallery and stairs that climb on it is made. In this way, three separate units were obtained, a kind of floors. The ground floor, inlet is an exhibition, the largest is the central office while the gallery is separated by glass windows and serves as a meeting room. On the largest floor there is also a kitchen and small toilet, and the whole space is equipped with custom furniture performed, of course, by the family company Galleria interijeri. The space is dominated by a photo wallpaper with a pattern of old wall and several paintings by local artists and our works as well as green decorations and lighting like the Aim of the Flos brand.

Photos: MAP2STUDIO d.o.o.

The modern office interior design of Office 2.

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