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Novi Marof


Novi Marof



Holiday house


gross 280 m2


In progress


The planned house will be located on a plot in a small village near Novi Marof. The planned net area of closed spaces of the house is 220 m2, and open 75 m2. The house will combine several functions. It is a holiday home, for tourism and in some future, a house for permanent housing. Access to the house is at the highest part of the plot which is on the slope and from that place there is an unobstructed view of the green slopes and the village at the foot.


The house is planned at the top of the plot and is oriented north-south. To the north is the entrance area while to the south are the living rooms and outdoor terraces for outdoor stays.


The construction of the house will be made of CLT cross-laminated wood and is planned as passive. The volume of the house is compact, rectangular in shape, without divorce, to ensure maximum efficiency.


Functionally, the house is divided into ground floor where there are spaces for use during the day, attic for use at night and a basement where there are facilities for entertainment and relaxation and a service part of the house. The outdoor space in front of the basement is designed for outdoor living in the warmer months of the year.


The exterior of the house is planned as a ventilated larch facade.


PROJECT TEAM: Martina Miličević Pojatina, Jadranko Major


CLIENT: Privatni

3D VISUALIZATION: Saša Poslončec

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The modern wooden house design of vacation home

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