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Zagreb, Hrvatska


Zagreb, Hrvatska



residental interior




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The investor is a young business woman to whom this apartment is the first independent home. Stan has 52m2 of enclosed space and 2 terraces that were not the subject of the interior design project.

Although it was a new building, the apartment required some minimal modifications to accommodate certain rooms to the owner’s requirements.

As this apartment will initially be used only by a young investor, the existing floor plan did not suit her and the decision was made to instead of two dysfunctional small rooms, by tearing down the partition wall, gets a chamber bedroom where they will be able to accommodate a double bed, a large wardrobe and a special makeup corner and storage of cosmetics. The floor plan disposition of the open-space room containing the kitchen, dining room and living room has also been completely modified.

The arrangement method the investor wanted was in the style of modern classics. A combination of stone cladding from Calacata, parquet in the color of bleached oak, furniture elements in mdf lacquered in taupe color and gold details.

The arrangement included the demolition of one partition wall, the traction of new electroinstallations to adapt the existing condition to the new disposition of furniture and the intended lighting.

The bathroom has also been completely reconstructed.

An interesting detail was taken in the bedroom. The place where the bed is located is separated from the closet by a detached wall with a height of 150 cm. The construction of this wall of metal profiles was performed before the parquet was placed because it is directly attached to the concrete floor plate. The Calacata stone will be later lined and a cantilever table will be hung on that structure. Gold detailsin the bedroom run through the custom made handles on the closet, details on the lighting fixtures hanging from the ceiling along the headboard of the bed that are also performed as a cladding of a detached wall.

The dining room is designed as part of the island of cuisine.

The modern residential interior design of P2.

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