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Modular home


gross 135 m2




This modular home project is planned so that with its floor plan orientation it can be adapted to most plots. It has rectangular floor plan shape and oriented to three sides with larger openings.

The planned net area of closed spaces of the house is 130 m2, and open spaces min. 60 m2.


With its floor plan, the house satisfies the possibility of performing a sloping roof as well as a flat roof. Both versions are feasible on the same floor plan.

On the shorter façade, the house is oriented from one side to the access road, and on the other it has an open terrace. Along longer façade on one side are service spaces with smaller openings while the other side is open to the outer space.


The construction of the house is planned to be made of cross-lamelated wood CLT, both load-bearing walls, ceiling panels and roof construction, which will be an exceptional advantage at the very speed of construction, but building is also possible with any other constructive system.


Functionally, the house is divided into ground floor where there are spaces for use during the day, the attic floor is intended for use at night and the space in front of the ground floor which is intended for outdoor living .


The exterior of the house is planned as a ventilated larch wood facade.


PROJECT TEAM: Martina Miličević Pojatina, Jadranko Major


CLIENT: Radman homes d.o.o.

3D VISUALIZATION: Happy habitat

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The modern wooden modular home house

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